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Title insurance provides protection for real estate buyers and mortgage lenders in the event that a seller lacks clear title to a piece of property. If it turns out that there is a “defect” in the seller’s title, with title insurance, buyers and lenders can avoid the time, expense and aggravation that would come with trying to remedy the defect on their own.

Trusted Title Insurance Underwriters

All title insurance underwriters are not alike. At Clear Title of Northwest Florida, we work closely with four of the largest and most trusted title insurance underwriters. We are able to offer free title insurance quotes from:

Who Pays for Title Insurance in Florida?

Either the buyer or the seller pays for both the buyer’s and the lender’s title insurance. In Florida, whether the buyer or seller generally pays varies by county, and it is also subject to the applicable loan program and the parties negotiation.

Do Buyers Need Title Insurance?

While not a legal requirement, title insurance provides peace of mind that buyers will not run into costly issues down the line. For buyers who are financing their home purchases; lender’s title insurance is generally mandatory.

What Types of “Defects” Does Title Insurance Cover?

While specifics vary by policy, title insurance typically covers issues such as document recording errors, easements, fraud, forgery, inheritance claims, liens and spousal claims not reflected in the government records. Added coverage can typically be purchased for things like subdivision violations.

When Are Title Insurance Premiums Paid?

The premium for title insurance is paid in a one-time payment at closing. The one-time payment covers the buyers as long as they own the property.

Do I Need a Title Search and Title Insurance?

For homebuyers, there are benefits to both ordering a title search and purchasing title insurance. Ordering a title search can help you make an informed decision about purchasing a particular property, while buying title insurance can help safeguard you against issues that might not be revealed in the government records during a title investigation.

Why Do Different Title Insurance Companies Offer Different Rates?

While the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation establishes certain uniform rates for title insurance premiums (known as “promulgated rates”), title insurance companies may charge additional service fees as part of the buyer’s or seller’s closing costs. At Clear Title, we can provide you with free title insurance quotes  for any transaction.

How Do I Purchase Title Insurance?

When you choose Clear Title as your closing company, we will manage the process of securing your title insurance from your selected underwriter. We will also ensure that your premiums get paid through escrow once your closing is final.

Questions about Florida Title Insurance? Contact Clear Title of Northwest Florida

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